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Chi Kung - Tai Chi - Kung Fu

Chi Kung

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Internal Training for Healing

Chi Kung is a martial arts discipline that interfaces external training with internal development. Through Chi Kung, students learn to develop internal strength and mental concentration that far exceed normal physical force. By involving the whole human physiology and metabolism, Chi Kung improves posture, circulation, respiration, digestion, and neuromuscular function.
In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Chi Kung is the most fundamental tool for healing. Chi Kung exercises are the most advanced form of self-healing. Chi Kung techniques such as the..

Eight Brocades • Golden Light • Silk Weaving • Golden Thread • Hunger Horse

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...are designed to exercise internal organs and thus induce healing. Acupuncturists learn Chi Kung in order to transmit their energy onto needles and manipulate acupuncture points to unlock vital energy or "chi". For centuries, Chinese physicians have prescribed Chi Kung as therapy for many ailments
In addition to strengthening the body and increasing overall physical fitness, Chi Kung also develops concentration and mental strength. Students of Chi Kung are able to relax in mentally and physically demanding situations and are, therefore, less prone to injury. Practiced regularly, Chi Kung is an excellent stress management technique.
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