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Hung Gar History

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A Brief History

After the burning of the Shaolin Temple in southern China during the Ching Dynasty, loyal monks of the Ming Court took refuge in Kwantung (modern day Guandong) and secretly trained numerous groups of secular disciples in the Shaolin Martial Arts in an attempt to regain the throne.

Among that group, a disciple named Hung Hay Kwun taught the art openly for many years and formed his own school and a system that bore his family name — Hung Gar. Three generations of masters later, the legendary Wong Fai Hung added the Tiger Crane form and name to the system that is currently taught worldwide.
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The title of Grandmaster of the Hung Gar system was passed down to Lam Sai Wing, who history labeled "Porky Lam". He was one of the ten tigers of Kwantun. (Both Wong and Lam are often favorite subjects of Kung Fu movies, particulaly as played by Jackie Chan.)
Lam's nephew, Lam Jo, is the reigning Grandmaster of Hung Gar. At the age of 93, Grandmaster Lam still teaches Hung Gar Kung Fu in Hong Kong.
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