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Welcome to the Link Section for wuliacademy.com. The links below are listed with a debt of gratitude for their help and affiliation with Wu Li Academy. Other website links are listed as an informational resource for our students and visitors.

HungGar.info ~

A small network of sites geared toward kung fu, tai chi, chi kung, and traditional chinese healing in the Boston area.

~ YonLee.com ~

Information regarding Master Lee and other projects he may be working on, you will find primarily information directly related to the Chung Wah Academy, Master Lee's school at this location.

~ Harvard Tiger Crane ~

Teaches Chi Kung, Tai Chi, and Kung Fu at the Harvard Tai Chi Tiger Crane Club. Harvard Tai Chi is a consortium of affiliated groups and professional organizations including:

Harvard Radcliffe Tiger Crane Tai Chi Club
Harvard Medical School Tai Chi Club
Brandeis Tai Chi Club Boston
University Chi Kung Study Group
Chung Wah Academy of Boston
Ping Chiu Kung Fu School in Springfield, MA
Anthony Lam Hung Gar Tiger Crane Academy, Hong Kong
Lam Jo Hung Gar Kung Fu School, Hong Kong
Lam Sai Wing Student Federation
Tai Chi Group of the Dept. of P.E. of Nanjing University, China
Tufts Medical School Tai Chi Club
Boston College Tai Chi Group

Master Yon Lee
Chairman and Executive Director

~ Mr C's Kenpo Karate ~

650 Plymouth #15R
East Bridgewater MA 02333
(508) 378-3678

The system of Kenpo is based on the use of hand techniques combined with fast foot work. Kicks are used to support hand techniques. This stand up fighting covers 60% of the system. Jujitsu & Judo techniques are used to control an attacker by putting him into a submission position. Jujitsu & Judo covers 30% of the system. "Kenpo" style sticks are used for defense against a much larger attacker or one who is armed. These "Kenpo" sticks covers 10% of the system. Kenpo Karate/Jujitsu is a system that dates back over a thousand years. This system is updated to fit our current times and the area it is taught in. This is Not a "Sport Karate" system. In Sport Karate, the Instructors and Students have fun by playing karate.

~ Lam Chun Fai Hung Gar School ~

The home of the Lam Family Kung Fu Style and Dit Da (Bone-Setting) Clinic

Grandmaster Lam Chun Fai
President of the Lam Sai Wing Alumni Association

~ Maha Yoga Center ~

4 Central Square
Bridgewater MA 02324

(508) 697-3273


"This practice begins with discovering just a tiny seed of spaciousness within ourselves. Over time, it cultivates spaciousness, openness, relaxation, and even celebration. The experience is much like that of fresh air. "

-Pema Chodron

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For more information, contact:

Mike Showstack, Sifu

(508) 254-2587

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